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A tool which actually writes code in order to save your time.

Here at scriptgun we believe that most of the common lines of code have already been written, so there is no point in writing them again. Here is how we’d like to help you.

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How it works

What you'll get

After you load the data model and configure your project into our easy to use platform you will get:

A fully integrated Angular project

Don't waste your time configuring the project and integrating its existing functionality.

100% database configuration

We will fully configure your database based on your data model.

RESTful API build on Node.js

You will get a restful api which will have all the basic functionality from your database model.

You can download the full code

And also..

... and also

Angular Routes builder

Routing on angular can be very time consuming when you have a lot of pages. Our routes builder is here to solve that.

Queries builder

Define a query in our easy to use builder and we will create the entire end-point for you and take care of the integration.

Templates collection

You can chose a template for your web app from our collection. We’ll integrate it for you.

Plugins collection

You can check our collection of plugins like Social Authentication, Amazon S3 integration, Email service and many more.

Prebuilt apps collection

Sometimes you have to build an app that is very similar to an existing one. Check out our collection to get inspired.


Should you encounter any struggles along your way, just let us know and a member of our team will assist you as soon as possible.

About us

Our mission is to save developers the time spent on common & boring things and give them the opportunity to use that time on doing awesome things.

If you have any questions, suggestions or just wanna say hello, we'll be happy to read your message.